The Lives of Sri Aurobindo

The Lives of Sri Aurobindo

In Aurobindo Ashram v. R. Ramanathan, [Civil Appeal 12 of 2016] the Respondents alleged that the Appellant Ashram failed to take any positive action to prohibit the availability of the objectionable book, The Lives of Sri Aurobindo. They even assisted the author, Peter Hees, in getting a visa for his continued stay in India.

Whether or not the book is considered objectionable by the Orissa High Court eventually, the SC has made it clear, “failure to take steps to ban a book that is critical of the philosophical and spiritual guru of a Trust would not fall within the compass of administration of the Trust. It might be an omission of the exercise of proper discretion on the part of the trustees, but certainly not an omission touching upon the administration of the Trust.”

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Peter Hees