Compassion Unlimited Plus Action

The Jalikattu Case, I agree, is a watershed moment in ‘animal rights adjudication’. Radhakrishnan J has a PETA Award for it. SC shall always protect its honour!

In Compassion Unlimited Plus Action v. UOI, [Writ Petition (Civil) 24 of 2016] it has been argued now, no cruelty is meted out to the bulls in Jalikattu. It is a 3000-year old tradition.

Misra and Ramana JJ, both Future Chief Justices, are not convinced.

There can be no shadow or trace of doubt, Constitution of India is an ‘organic and compassionate’ Constitution”. Is that a give away?

CUPA supposedly received funds from Christian Children’s Fund for the purpose of preferring the Petition. CCF is the largest child sponsorship organization in the world, located in Richmond, Virginia.

A 2011 article notes, “in 2009 the Christian Children’s Fund changed its name to Child Fund International.  Somehow this seemed appropriate, since CCF had never had any connection whatsoever to Christianity, and it showed.”

I found this:

Bank Details

Something does not seem right and that is all I will admit, this watershed moment.