Matrimony in Bharat / The Importance of Limca Records

Limca, Bharat Matrimony 2In 2007, Bharat Matrimony [] shared the following on its website:

Limca Book of Records has conferred an honor on Bharat Matrimony for the maximum number of online marriages. In fact, we have 8 times more success stories than the nearest marriage portal [Bharat Matrimony, [Civil Appeal No. 2142 of 2007], decided on 07.01.2016].

People Interactive India Pvt. Ltd., running, objected against the claim before The Monopolies and Restrictive Trade Practices Commission.

Bharat Matrimony lost before MRTPC and the matter before SC stood pending inordinately, for the reason of a possible settlement.

A Joint Memo of Settlement was only filed in November, 2014. Clause (b) of the Memo notes, “Appellant agrees to use the following statement in its website/marketing communications: Featured in Limca Book of Records, for record number of documented marriages online.”

Limca, Bharat Matrimony