In Re: Law and Other Things


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Nisith Sen, the man I had chosen to be my grandfather was the Mayor of Calcutta. As a criminal lawyer he dealt with the darkest, seamiest side of human nature. I knew this was the reality. He wrung the truth out of scum who did not deserve to live and were human in name only. I liked the thought of how they were punished… In many ways, I think I am like my grandfather who has no mercry for the scum or the British rulers. He sheltered Indians who were fighting for the country’s freedom and played a pivotal role in defending cases that involved young revolutionaries.”

Ipsita Roy Chakraverty, The Beloved Witch Returns (Life Positive Books, 2016) at pp. 30-31.

There is much to gain from Ipsita Roy Chakraverty’s insights. Her grandfather was and is a legend in Calcutta.