The Snake and Ladder Game

The personalities… contrived intelligence to constantly play the ‘Snake and Ladder Game’. Such kind of litigations clearly show that there are certain people who possess adamantine attitude to procrastinate the proceeding in a Court of Law on the base that each order is assailable and each step is challengeable before the Superior Courts. It is not to be understood that a litigant is not entitled in law to challenge the orders, but the legal process cannot be allowed to be abused. In the case at hand the process has definitely been abused.

A passage from Subrata Roy Sahara, (2014) 8 SCC 470, being relevant, is extracted below:

The Indian judicial system is grossly afflicted with frivolous litigation. Ways and means need to be evolved to deter litigants from their compulsive obsession towards senseless and ill-considered claims. One needs to keep in mind that in the process of litigation, there is an innocent sufferer on the other side of every irresponsible and senseless claim. He suffers long-drawn anxious periods of nervousness and restlessness, whilst the litigation is pending without any fault on his part.

– Hon’ble Justice Dipak MisraVLS Finance Ltd. v. S.P. Gupta, [Criminal Appeal No. 96 of 2016].