Dispute on Matrimonial Status

Under Section 7(1), Explanation (b) of The Family Courts Act, 1984 (“Act”) a suit or a proceeding for a declaration as to the validity of both marriage and matrimonial status of a person is within the exclusive jurisdiction of the Family Court, since under Section 8 all those jurisdictions covered under Section 7 are excluded from the purview of the jurisdiction of the Civil Courts. In case, there is a dispute on the matrimonial status of any person, a declaration in that regard has to be sought only before the Family Court. It makes no difference as to whether it is an affirmative relief or a negative relief. What is important is the declaration regarding the matrimonial status. Section 20 also endorses the view which we have taken, since the Act has an overriding effect on other laws.”

Hon’ble Justice Kurian Joseph, Balram v. Fulmaniya, [Civil Appeal No. 4500 of 2016].