The Indo-Chilean Extradition Treaty I

On 26th January, 1897 United Kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland and Republic of Chile entered into a Treaty for Mutual Surrender of Fugitive Criminals.

My Lord, Binding Treaty on India and Chile?

This question may first be looked at from the point of view of Republic of Chile. Supreme Court of Chile, in its decision rendered… on 11th November, 2015… made it clear, there was in fact an Extradition Treaty between Chile and India executed on 26th January, 1897 and it was in force and binding on India. It was made clear, even Government of Chile was bound by provisions of the Extradition Treaty.

Now, the issue may be looked at from the point of view of Government of India. In our opinion, there is more than sufficient material to conclude, from 1897-1898 onwards, Government of British India and Government of India considered itself bound by the Extradition Treaty entered into with Republic of Chile on 26th January, 1897 and Government of India has always been of view, the Extradition Treaty is in force in India.

It was pointed out, the official website of Ministry of External Affairs informs everybody, India had entered an Extradition Treaty with Chile in 2015. It is extremely unfortunate, the official website of Ministry of External Affairs gives misleading information not only to Indians but also to world at large. All we need say is, this day and age when communication and communication technology are so important, Ministry of External Affairs has to be far more careful in information it disseminates...”

Hon’ble Justice Madan B. Lokur, Verhoeven, Marie Emmanuelle v. Union of India, [Writ Petition (Criminal) No. 178 of 2015].