A Man of Reason and Logic

Emanuel Lasker
Emanuel Lasker

Chess has been represented, or shall I say misrepresented, as a game – that is, a thing which could not well serve a serious purpose, solely created for the enjoyment of an empty hour. If it were a game only, Chess would never have survived the serious trials to which it has, during the long time of its existence, been often subjected. By some ardent enthusiasts Chess has been elevated into a science or an art. It is neither; but its principal characteristic seems to be – what human nature mostly delights in – a fight.

Lasker was a pioneer in the psychological approach to Chess, writing that the best move was the one that made your opponent most uncomfortable. That is, to play the man, not the board. Of course, strong moves can disturb any player, but Lasker made it clear that certain types of moves and strategies were stronger against different players. His idea of objective truth was that winning was everything and that understanding the good and bad qualities of your opponent was essential to winning.

– Garry KasparovDeep Thinking: Where Machine Intelligence Ends and Human Creativity Begins, (Hachette, 2017).


Ramdas Gandhi

Khalasi Line, Nagpur, CP

17th May, 1949

Dear Nathuram Godse,

The writer of this letter is the Son of one you seem to take great pride in having assassinated. I am sure, you will one day realize that you have only put an end to my Father’s perishable body and nothing more. I have no doubt, you will repent and realize that what you have done is a deed never to be repeated but shunned for all the times, be it in the interest of one’s own religion or political creed or anything else. You are reported to have stated very recently that you are a man of reason and logic

Yours truly,

Sd/- R. Gandhi.


Nathuram V. Godse


3rd June, 1949

Dear Brother Shri Ramdas Gandhi,

Received your most kind letter of the 17th May, 1949, yesterday. As a human being I have no words to express my feeling for the wounds that you and your relatives must have received by the tragic end of your revered Father. You say that you have heard that I am a man of reason and logic. True. But you will be surprised to note that I am a man of very powerful sentiments also. Until now I have come across nothing which will make me repent. Any way, I must request you to see me and if possible with some prominent disciples of your Father, particularly who are not interested in any power politics, and to bring to my notice my most fatal mistake. Otherwise, I shall always feel that this show of mercy is nothing but an eyewash.

Yours sincerely,

Sd/- Nathuram V. Godse

– Gopal Godse, Why I Assassinated Gandhi, (Farsight Publishers and Distributors, 2014).


The silent battle between Mr. Ramdas Gandhi and Mr. Nathuram Godse had each identify the other’s weakness.

Only few have had the (mis)fortune of being debated upon, long after death. Do not wish, just read.