The Profane


Mr. Navtej Sarna’s Son is talented. I have had the opportunity to witness him in college.

Mr. Navtej Sarna is an ‘Indian Author-Columnist, Diplomat, Indian Ambassador to the United States’. His son, Satyajit, recently published a Book of Poetry: “The Profane”.

Here are a few of my favorite four lines:

“But, if you believe you can wash your hands clean in the end –

if you still treasure that old-fashioned hope,

if it is so, may I recommend

Mysore Sandalwood Soap?”


“In love, as in all things,

we choose with our feet,

not with our hearts, not with our claims,

not with the stars calling our names.”


“How long will you read

from a single book of prayer?

And then which one is holier,

the scripture or your eye?”


“They say possession is one of the sins;

that no one should put a leash on a man.

But if I bring you my cuffs and steely links, 

would you lead me to your bed by the hand?”


Here is my favorite poem:



Poetry can never be priced. For the valiant effort: Well Done, Satyajit. My words, for you, humbly dedicated:

I wrote a poem twice upon a time – once with a pen, once with a pencil. I have read you now. What next counsel?