The Indo-European Extradition Treaty II

Following Hon’ble Justice Madan B. Lokur, Ministry of External Affairs corrected that India has an Extradition Treaty with Chile since 1897. Interestingly, India has an Extradition Treaty with Netherlands since 1898, with Switzerland since 1880, with Belgium since 1901. Thus, it is predictable that no fugitive or mastermind is going to flee to Chile, Netherlands, Switzerland or Belgium. Predictions are only guesses at times, without [astro]logical support. Rajesh K. Mehta [09.10.2007] was released from Belgium. Who? Son of Lilavati Hospital Trustee, Antwerp NRI, Director of Beautiful Diamonds Limited. Diamonds? ‘Mehtas, Shahs rather than Epsteins, Finkelszteins rule Hoveniersstraat’. At the other end of the spectrum is Abu Salem. He moved to Portugal in 2001-2002 when India and Portugal had no Extradition Treaty. That is not even half the story.

Today, we highlight Germany. Of course, Don 2 [2011, dir. Farhan Akhtar] received German support. The famous dialogue from Don [1978, dir. Chandra Barot] described how it is not merely difficult to capture Don, it is impossible.


Nonetheless, India-Germany signed their Extradition Treaty in 2001. True to spirit, Sharmila Shanbag was released in 2004 and Amarendra Nath Ghosh in 2007. Who? Sharmila had procured Lakhs and Lakhs; Ghosh, Crores and Crores. In Germany, a patient apparently cannot be operated upon without his or her approval and Ghosh had swallowed a knife to prevent being brought back to India.

A.N. Ghosh

The chieftain? Subhash Chandra [Kapoor]. He was the go-to guy for the rarest of Indian art. 30.10.2011, Kapoor presented his American Passport to German Immigration at Frankfurt International Airport. CBI had issued a Red Corner Notice. He had been selling stolen goods; causing antique idols being snatched from well-known temples.


While in German custody, American authorities began a series of raids on Kapoor’s properties. Artifacts worth 100 Million Dollars were seized. Kapoor’s black market Sotheby’s. Unlike drugs, that can be detected by dogs, or guns, which set off metal detectors, antiquities still lack a coherent standard for what comprises a stolen piece.


“I have been framed by the Tamil Nadu Police. I have never dealt in stolen articles. Am I a fool to indulge in such illegal activities since I know very well that it would jeopardize my trade and reputation internationally in a business involving big and creditable customers and built on trust and genuineness worth billions of dollars? I buy goods and sell. I am a pure trader in art like many others.”

There are 16 Extradition Requests from India pending with Government of United Kingdom.


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