Referred to Larger Bench V Answered: Maintainability of Review Petitions

My Lord, Special Leave Petition, AGAINST IMPUGNED ORDER, Dismissed – Review Petition, High Court, AGAINST IMPUGNED ORDER, Maintainable?

There is no conflict insofar as ratio of Abbai Maligai Partnership Firm v. K. Santhakumaran, (1998) 7 SCC 386 and Kunhayammed, (2000) 6 SCC 359 is concerned. Abbai Maligai Partnership Firm was decided on its peculiar facts, with no discussion on any principle of law, whereas Kunhayammed is an elaborate discourse based on well accepted propositions of law which are applicable for such an issue. Kunhayammed lays down the correct law and there is no need to Refer to Larger Bench.”

Hon’ble Justice A.K. Sikri, Khoday India Ltd. v. Sri Mahadeshwara Sahakara, [Civil Appeal No. 2432 of 2019].