The Perfect Murder

The incident occurred on 01.05.1997. Additional Sessions Judge, Ambala adjudicated with finality on 09.06.1998. High Court of Punjab and Haryana adjudicated with finality on 05.03.2008. It wasn’t ever final.

Smt. Gargi [Wife] was charged with the imputation that she killed Tirloki Nath [Husband] by strangulation and hung the dead body, as if it were a case of suicide. It is at once clear, no direct evidence is available. SC had no hesitation in affirming that Tirloki Nath was done to death by strangulation. However, it was evident, the gruesome act in question had not been the handiwork of one person. Smt. Gargi was considered entitled to benefit of doubt [Smt. Gargi v. State of Haryana, Criminal Appeal No. 1046 of 2010].

It is not shocking that some cases remain unsolved. Investigation techniques may not always shine. Initially, it was imagined, the Brothers of the Wife had assisted her. The HC acquitted the Brothers. Twenty-two years later, SC found it ‘preposterous’ to believe that the Wife could have done it all by herself. Thus, we shall never know who caused the Husband’s death.

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