Referred to Larger Bench XX: The Sabarimala Temple III

Review Petition (Civil) No. 3358 of 2018 in Writ Petition (Civil) No. 373 of 2006

Essential Religious Practices of a Religious Denomination or Section of a Religious Denomination – Constitutional Protection under Article 26?

In the Indian context, given the plurality of religions, languages, cultures and traditions, what is perceived as faith and essential practices of the religion for a particular deity by a section of the religious group, may not be so perceived (as an integral part of the religion) by another section of the same religious group for the same deity in a temple at another location. Concededly, the debate about the constitutional validity of practices entailing into restriction of entry of women generally in the place of worship is not limited to this case. The subject may remain pending until determination of the questions by a Larger Bench as may be constituted by the Hon’ble Chief Justice of India.