Extraditable Fugitives I

RPA certain someone, associated with Dawood Ibrahim and Chhota Rajan in the past, was on the run since the ’90s. It has been pointed out earlier that, no fugitive or mastermind is going to flee to Chile, Netherlands, Switzerland or Belgium. This one fled to Burkina Faso and won hearts by doing social work; the Burkina Faso Passport revealed the name Antony Fernandes. Thereafter, Antony opened a restaurant in Senegal. Neither Burkina Faso nor Senegal has an Extradition Treaty with India. They do not have an Extradition Treaty with United States of America too. When arrested, on 19.01.2019, at a salon in Dakar, the question arose: “is the fugitive extraditable”? To complicate the question further, a complaint was filed by a Senegalese citizen citing financial fraud.

The act of escaping to a Non-Extradition-Treaty country simply puts you at the mercy of your new hosts. India can nonetheless place a request, assuring reciprocity. February, 2020 witnessed Ravi Pujari being escorted in an Air France flight to Kempegowda International Airport, Bengaluru.


Ravi Pujari, a Preity Zinta fan, had once threatened Nusli Wadia. Sunjay Kapur too received threat calls [Sunjay Kapur v. Karisma Kapur, Supreme Court of India, Transfer Petition [Civil] No. 214 of 2016, 12.02.2016]. A cable distributor contended as well, “he was receiving threatening calls from Ravi Pujari demanding Rs. 50 Lakhs” [Govind Sakharam Ubhe, Bom HC, Criminal Appeal No. 18 of 2009].

Do watch the video. The important bit is Senegal shall miss ‘Maharaja’.Maharaja