The Importance of Being Earnest III

The matter relates to the unnatural death of Actor, Sushant Singh Rajput on 14.6.2020. He was in a live-in relationship with Rhea. But, on 8.6.2020, Rhea shifted to her own residence…

The legal process must be focused upon revelation of the correct facts through credible and legally acceptable investigation. It must be determined whether the unnatural death was the result of some criminal acts. In order to lend credibility to the investigation and its conclusion, it would be desirable in my view, to specify the authority, which should conduct the investigation in this matter.

Bihar Government was competent to give consent for entrustment of investigation to the CBI and as such the ongoing investigation by the CBI is held to be lawful.

As the CBI has already registered a case and commenced investigation at the instance of the Bihar Government, uncertainty and confusion must be avoided in the event of Mumbai Police also deciding to simultaneously investigate. Therefore, it would be appropriate to decide at this stage itself as to who should conduct the investigation on all the attending circumstances relating to the death of the Actor, Sushant Singh Rajput. This issue becomes relevant only if another FIR is registered on the same issue, at Mumbai. A decision by this Court on the point would confer legitimacy to the investigation.

The ongoing investigation by the CBI is held to be lawful. In the event a new case is registered at Mumbai on the same issue, in the fitness of things, it would be appropriate if the latter case too gets investigated by the same agency, on the strength of this Court’s Order.

The peculiar circumstances in this case require that complete justice is done in this matter. Actor, Sushant Singh Rajput died well before his full potential could be realized. His family, friends and admirers are keenly awaiting the outcome of the investigation so that all the speculations floating around can be put to rest. Therefore a fair, competent and impartial investigation is the need of the hour.

Satyameva Jayate.”

Hon’ble Justice Hrishikesh Roy, Rhea Chakraborty v. State of Bihar, [Transfer Petition (Criminal) No. 225 of 2020].