Repugnancy II

An interpreter, to deviate from defined meaning, should record reasons to show word/expression in a particular provision carries a different meaning; contrary context is not to be assumed or accepted easily, in absence of indication and reason to differ from defined meaning.

Repugnancy is not indicated and does not arise in context of clause 22(ix)(a) of Chapter VIII of Bank of Cochin Service Code by mere absence of article ‘the’ before ‘bank’; ‘bank’ in clause 22(ix)(a) can be validly and effectively interpreted, as per definition clause, as referring to Bank of Cochin Ltd. and no other.

Deficiency of ‘the’ does not disclose abandonment of express definition of ‘bank’ vide clause 2(e) of Service Code. Absurdity or even ambiguity is not obvious or even palpable.

Hon’ble Justice Sanjiv Khanna, Chariman, State Bank of India v. M.L. James, [Civil Appeal No. 8223 of 2009].