Choice of School

In 2006, the marriage of the Appellant-Wife and the Respondent-Husband was solemnized. In 2009, Master Krishav Gautam was born. In 2012, Respondent-Husband filed for divorce. The Trial Court directed that Master Krishav Gautam should be admitted in Col. Satsangi’s Kiran Memorial Public School, New Delhi. Learned Counsel submitted that the boy is not willing to […]

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A Fasid Marriage

“Muslim Law clearly distinguishes between a valid marriage (sahih), void marriage (batil), and invalid/irregular marriage (fasid). Thus, it cannot be stated that a batil (void) marriage and a fasid (invalid/irregular) marriage are one and the same. The marriage of a Muslim Man with a Hindu Woman is neither a valid (sahih) nor a void (batil) […]

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The Proof of Valid Wills I

The execution of a Will is proved not only when the statutory requirements for proving that Will are satisfied but the Will is also found to be ordinarily free from suspicious circumstances [Pragnaben, (2008) 15 SCC 365]. Whether a Will is surrounded by suspicious circumstances or not is essentially a question of fact. “3 Courts […]

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