Justice Dattu v. Justice Joseph

Records seem to indicate, in 2006, No. 13 was skipped while assigning numbers to Courtrooms in a newly inaugurated Kerala High Court Complex. One Mr. N.K. Chandramohan filed Writ Petition No. 4268 of 2006 wherein it was alleged, Triskaidekaphobia had arisen out of a belief: ‘Guest 13’ at ‘Last Supper’ was Judas and such a belief surely violated secular principles Kerala High Court was ordained to uphold. High Court dismissed the Writ Petition with costs and held, there was “no religious tinge” behind not allocating No. 13. It was purely an administrative recommendation. 3-Judge Bench of SC in Civil Appeal No. 5138 of 2006 is said to have commented, however: “High Court should not be allowed to encourage this sort of superstition”. In 2006, Hon’ble Justice Kurian Joseph was a Sitting Judge of Kerala High Court and an eventual Chairman to Kerala High Court Legal Services Committee. It shall indeed be indicative to enquire which side of the controversy did he fall on This Day; That Year; and what did Hon’ble Justice Dattu have to say when he arrived at Kerala High Court as its Chief Justice, in 2007. My curiosity borders on being voyeuristic. But then, no controversy is without its fair share of history.