Judges and Astrology II

45 have served the Nation as the Chief Justice of India. The first one was a November born. The present one is an October born. Of the 45, 23 CJIs were born in October/November/December/January. The 22 others are spread over the remaining 8 months. 4 special months thus account for 51% of the CJIs India has witnessed. Notably, the next CJI was born in November. And that would make it a 52%.

More trivia: it was not until Hon’ble Justice Kapadia [No. 38] came along, that a September born made it to the helm. August is the most special month. It celebrates only two: Hon’ble Justice Bijan Kumar Mukherjea [No. 4]. He was born on Independence Day! Hon’ble Justice J.S. Khehar arrived 40 CJIs later [No. 44]. 40 CJIs later! March has two [CJI 7 and 26]. June has two [CJI 8 and 18].


[Updated: 15/08/2018].