Condonation of Delay IV: 1186

There is inordinate delay of 1186 days in filing the SLPs.

There is gross delay of almost 3 1/2 years in challenging the Judgment rendered in the Writ Appeal and no explanation much less cogent explanation has been given by the Appellant.”

There is no reason to condone the delay.”

Hon’ble Justice C. Nagappan, Dr. Ismail v. Shameem Rani [Civil Appeal Nos. 9149-9150 of 2015].

There are 4 aspects: first, the delay in numbers; second, the reason; third, the application and fourth, the institution.

A 28 day delay in re-filing an SLP for the reasons of an absconding AOR is not the same as a 10 day delay in filing an Appeal before the NCDRC for the reasons of not having received a ‘certified copy’ on time.

Can these numbers 230 [Part 1], 355 [Part 2], 1186, … … be compared at all then to find beyond which number is it the strangest and most surprising if a delay is condoned? A decade of mathematics may lead us to a single noble equation.