Veere Disarray

Some men try hard for reasons best known to them.

Team 1: Make My Day Entertainment
Team 2: Anil Kapoor Film Company

Team 2, even before it had shot and finalized the final print of its movie, filed a case before Bom HC. Dr. Abhinav Chandrachud fought for Team 1. He won. Hon’ble Justice G.S. Patel wrote:

In the present case there is no evidence of the Plaintiff’s film even being in existence yet. The mere fact that there is another film in the making with the same title but a completely different cast is not necessarily evidence of it being ‘calculated to deceive’… There is absolutely no shortage of films that have exactly the same title but are very different otherwise and share nothing else in common.

Gladiatior (1992 and 2000), Invincible (2001 and 2006), The Aviator (1985 and 2004)

There is nothing to suggest in the plaint that apart from the title, there is any commonality between the Plaintiff’s forthcoming film and that of the Defendant. Court must not lightly assume that the public is so gullible, so infantile, and quite so easily deceived that it does not know what it wants to see, hear or read. Not to put too fine a point on things, it seems to me hardly likely that an avid movie goer header for a film starring Ms. Sonam Kapoor will dive headlong into a darkened auditorium showing a film with Mr. Shergill; or will mistake Mr. Shergill’s film for Ms. Kapoor’s.”

A victory for Team 1 was not enough. They caused a battle that eventually travelled to SC before a Bench carrying Hon’ble Justice Dr. D.Y. Chandrachud, Father of Dr. Abhinav Chandrachud. Judge recused. Correctly, Son did not travel to his Father’s Court.

There are no articles, at present, on the issue. Just money.

@vdwthefilm, 14.06.2018