Shanthakumaran Sreesanth I

Bharat Sundaresan, The Dhoni Touch, (Ebury Press, 2018).

An excellent book. I have chosen to extract the following:

Page 131: “It was a period when Ricky Ponting’s team believed that every loss was an ‘upset’ and not just a win for their opponents. India had dominated this particular match from the beginning. Ishant Sharma, Sreesanth and Irfan Pathan had gathered nine wickets between them and shot out the hosts for just 159. India had more or less cruised to their target and now Dhoni the rookie wanted to give his all-conquering, world-beating counterpart his version of the cold shoulder.

Page 176: “A year later Dhoni was named as India’s Captain for the World T20 tournament. He gave Joginder Sharma the last over in the final. Misbah-ul-Haq played that shot and Sreesanth took that catch. Then Dhoni’s price tag, within twelve months, burgeoned to over a crore rupees.

Sreesanth is, at present, a participant of Bigg Boss.

Dhoni and Sreesanth share a very interesting bond.  During the Second Test against England at Trent Bridge in 2007, Sreesanth bowled a beamer to Kevin Pietersen. He apologized. “Tough rookie. He plays good aggressive Cricket. I’m glad he said ‘sorry’ to Pietersen after the beamer. It may not have been intentional but it was still pretty accurate.”

During the Second Test against South Africa in December 2010 at Durban, Sreesanth once again invited controversy by sledging Graeme Smith. “I think it is important to keep him under control. It is good for him, for us, for the opponents, for the umpires, for the board and for the spectators.”

In the 2011 World Cup, Sreesanth played twice – Opener and Final.

Dhoni never made any comments on Sreesanth after he got ‘involved’ in Spot-Fixing. He has been absolved in the IPL Spot-Fixing Case. Life Ban is expected to be lifted by Supreme Court.

Comparison of Sreesanth with others at Big Boss is unacceptable. I remember his getting Brian Lara out, once. That he is returning to public view is a master stroke. Nobody mentioned along with Dhoni, ever fails.

Many congratulations.