Hon’ble Justice Ashok Bhushan

Hon’ble Justice Ashok Bhushan was Elevated as a Permanent Judge of the Allahabad High Court on April 24, 2001.


Circa 2005

RNR: Landmark Judgments – Hallmark of Judicial Brilliance?

AB: The Judges are only known by their Judgment. They cannot have their own ideologies or perspectives in contrast to Politicians. Therefore, Judgments are the only true criteria for testing the metal of a Judge. Judges delivering the greatest of decisions are justifiably remembered.

RNR: Salaries of Judges are meager compared to what a Good Lawyer receives. Few choose to become a Judge. Solution?

AB: Before Independence, the Judges received a salary of Rs. 4000 a month, which would amount to Lakhs of Rupees now. So to attract Lawyers and also to give better financial security to the Judges, the Government must endeavour to increase the salaries.

RNR: Law Making Powers?

AB: Each one has his own duty to perform. Overlapping of duties will only give rise to anarchy. I would prefer the Law Making Powers to be the prerogative of the Legislature.

In Criminal Law, the Investigation Procedure and the Trial takes up a lot of time of the Court. Unlike in England where the Trial starts in the morning and the Judgment is delivered within no time, in India it is a long drawn process. If given a chance I would want to expedite the Trials.

RNR: ‘Transfer of Judges’ impacts Judiciary?

AB: It is hardly of any use to complain about the Transfer System. The Judge has to adapt himself and deliver the Best Judgment possible, no matter where he is Transferred to. That is his duty.