Legal Aid

Several matters, every week, are considered for ‘legal aid’. I had briefly assisted Senior Advocate, Jaideep Gupta in this regard and had recommended aid for Ujwala Pandurang Toraskar v. Mormugao Port Trust [Diary No. 20112 of 2018]. Judgment of HC of Bombay at Goa [Writ Petition No. 279/2016], was challenged. On July 3, 2018 SC dismissed the SLP [Court 8, Item 24]. Here is how I had briefly summarized the matter:

Applicant’s mother used to receive pension from Mormugao Port Trust after Applicant’s father’s death in 1987. Applicant used to receive the pension after her mother’s death. Once the Applicant got married, her disabled brother used to receive the pension. The disabled brother expired too. Mormugao Port Trust did not pay any pension after that. Applicant obtained divorce in 2013 and in terms of a consent decree received more than Rupees One Lakh as permanent alimony. Applicant freshly applied to Mormugao Port Trust, since she was a ‘divorced daughter’, pleading renewal of payment of family pension. As per Mormugao Port Trust Memorandums, a ‘divorced daughter’ of a deceased father can receive pension if she is divorced at the time of her father’s passing. Accordingly, family pension was denied to Applicant and High Court upheld the decision

Being pro bono has been central to my vision, several times before. I sincerely hope ‘legal aid’ is available in depth.