Sacred Games of Arthur Fleck

On 1st March, 1954 United States conducted its largest ever nuclear weapon test, code-named Castle Bravo, at the Bikini Atoll in the Marshall Islands. The explosion, more than 1,000 times as powerful as Hiroshima, reached a yield of 15 megatons.

Sacred Games, Season 2 (2019, dir. Anurag Kashyap, Neeraj Ghaywan):1.png


Inspiration from reality isn’t new. Joker (2019, dir. Todd Philipps) and Sartaj Singh spend a considerable amount of time trying to find information about their fathers; face injurious rejections time and again. We don’t know what shall happen to either of them, eventually.

References to literary work can reveal secrets. No Country For Old Men (2007, dir. Ethan Coen,  Joel Coen), based on the novel by Cormac McCarthy, changed remarkably little. The hunt for differences is not always desirable. Adaptation (2002, dir. Spike Jonze) describes a screenwriter’s crisis who doesn’t know how to adapt a novel. A famous quote: “we have to realize that we all write in a genre, and we must find our originality within that genre”.

Scene 1

Arthur is sitting at home, imagining his next move in life. Two ex-colleagues come visiting. They do carry a bottle of wine. One of them is incredibly short. The other has an undisclosed motive. Arthur lets them in; has a knife invisible to the visitors. The motivated ex-colleague is stabbed brutally; murdered. The incredibly short ex-colleague is asked to leave; is described as the ‘only one, ever nice’. That ex-colleague cannot open the exit door because of his height. Arthur assists without a violent word. 3.pngScene 2

Gaitonde is sitting at home, imagining his next move in life, talking to a policeman over a mobile phone, describing his sufferance. The policeman, standing outside, unsuccessfully demands he is let in. When he forces his way into the living room, Gaitonde shoots himself.4Knock-knock-knockin’ on heaven’s door!


Nominations for the International Emmy Awards, 2019 were announced on 19th September, 2019. ‘Sacred Games’ has been nominated for Drama Series. ‘Joker’ won the Golden Lion at the Venice International Film Festival, 2019. Academy Awards, 2020?Screen Shot 2019-10-11 at 2.11.14 PM