No Reservations, Lebanon

A. West German Consul said, he had received information that, similar charges had been made against Hans Muller in Lebanon and in Egypt.”

Hans Muller of Nurenburg v. Superintendent, Presidency Jail, Calcutta, AIR 1955 SC 367.

B. On 15-9-1963, he left Delhi for Beirut under the name Donze Jean Claude, a French national. It appears, subsequently he obtained a British Passport in the name of Stephen Thomas Lamb and came to India.  It was obtained from the Foreign Office, London by making an application with the birth certificate of a deceased person.”

Jean Claude Donze v. State, Madras High Court, [Criminal Appeal No. 815 of 1966].

C. On February 3, 1957 the first carrier Gisele Minot came to Bombay. On February 25, 1957 the second carrier B.J. Lupi and on March 9, 1957 the third carrier J.P. Hoffman came to Delhi. The fourth carrier Jacques Minot went to Colombo. On April 8, 1957 the fifth carrier Mora Margaret went to Colombo. On April 19, 1957 the sixth carrier Geoffre Allan and on May 3, 1957 the seventh carrier came to Bombay. On May 21, 1957 the eighth carrier Grant Powell came to Delhi. On June 9, 1957 the ninth carrier Mora Margaret and on June 24, 1957 the tenth carrier Armand Yavercowaski came to Bombay. On July 8, 1957 the eleventh carrier Grant Powell came to Calcutta. 

In the present case, there was a single general conspiracy to smuggle gold into India from foreign countries. The scheme was operated by a gang of international crooks. The net was spread over Bombay, Geneva, Beirut and Bahrain. Yusuf Merchant and Pedro Fernandes supplied the brain power. The settlement of account between Yusuf and Pedro at Beirut did not end the original conspiracy.”

– Mohd. Husain Umar Kochra v. K.S. Dalipsinghji, (1969) 3 SCC 429.

D. He arrived at Delhi from Beirut on 2nd February, 1962 bringing 12 kilograms of gold which was delivered to him by Kassab and Hoory at Beirut. He carried that gold in a special jacket which was also supplied to him by Kassab and Hoory and which was worn under his clothes. On this occasion, he stayed in Ashoka Hotel.”

Assistant Collector of Customs v. Shanti Lal Laxmi Chand Modi, Delhi High Court, [Criminal Appeal No. 43 of 1970].

E. As per the evidence on record, there was reliable information, he was smuggling in India large quantities of diamonds and other goods from Beirut whenever he used to go there as a member of the flying crew. He had smuggled gold into India from Beirut on 23rd December, 1962. Even after 24th December, 1962 he continued to be in close contact with the Beirut Syndicate of smugglers and had introduced another Assistant Flight Purser for that criminal and anti-national activity.”

Air Corporation Employees Union v. Air India, Bombay High Court, [Writ Petition No. 3441 of 1982].

F. Syrian Orthodox Church is found mainly in Syria, Lebanon, Jordan, Turkey, India, United States, Federal Republic of Germany and Sweden.”

Most. Rev. P.M.A. Metropolitan v. Moran Mar Marthoma, 1995 Supp (4) SCC 286.

G. Pedestrian deaths represent 62% of all traffic fatalities in Lebanon. In most developing countries vulnerable load users, including pedestrians, bicycle and motor cycle riders, account for the majority of all fatalities.”

Prabhakaran v. State of Kerala, (2007) 14 SCC 269.

H. Appellant before us is an International Cargo carrier, with its principal place of business at Beirut, Lebanon.”

Trans Mediterranean Airways v. Universal Exports, (2011) 10 SCC 316.

I. It is stated that the ground floor of the property was let out to the Government of Lebanon, through its Ambassador, with effect from March 01, 1968.”

Darshan Kaur v. UOI, Delhi High Court, [Writ Petition (Civil) No. 5022 of 2016].

J. Special Rapporteur indicated that honour killings had been reported in Jordon, Lebanon, Morocco, Pakistan, United Arab Republic, Turkey, Yemen.”

Shakti Vahini v. UOI, (2018) 7 SCC 192.

K. Major Gopika A. Pawar was awarded the United Nations Peacekeeping Medal by the Secretary General of the United Nations in recognition of her role as a Military Member of the United Nations Interim Force in Lebanon.

Women Officers from the Indian Army have been participating in the UN Peace Keeping Force since 2004 and have been deployed in active combat scenarios in Syria, Lebanon, Ethiopia and Israel.”

The Secretary, Ministry of Defence v. Babita Puniya, 2020 SCC OnLine SC 200.Lebanon