The True Owner

It cannot be disputed that a person in possession of land in the assumed character of owner and exercising peaceably the ordinary rights of ownership has a perfectly good title against all the world but the rightful owner. And if the rightful owner does not come forward and assert his title by the process of law within the period prescribed by the provisions of The Statute of Limitation applicable to the case, his right is forever extinguished and the possessory owner acquires an absolute title.”

Perry v. Clissold, (1907) AC 73.

Three-Judge Bench of this Court, presided by Hidayatullah J, in Paragraph 22 of Nair Service Society Ltd. v. K.C. Alexander, AIR 1968 SC 1165 approved the dictum.

Hon’ble Justice Ashok Bhushan, A. Subramanian v. R. Pannerselvam, [Civil Appeal No. 9472 of 2010].