Safety and Security of Prime Minister

Lawyer’s Voice v. State of Punjab, Writ Petition (Civil) No. 13 of 2022 arises out of an incident, dated 05/01/2022, wherein, on a visit to Hussainiwala, District Firozpur, State of Punjab, convoy of Prime Minister was stuck.

We have studied provisions of The Special Protection Group Act, 1988 along with relevant contents of The Blue Book. The Blue Book contains an unambiguous and detailed procedure to be observed by State Authorities and Special Protection Group to ensure full safety and security while Prime Minister is touring a State.

There is a blame game between State and Central Government. War of words between them is no solution. We deem it appropriate to appoint an Enquiry Committee.

Terms of Reference for Enquiry Committee

What were causes – Who are responsible – What extent

Justice Indu Malhotra, Former Judge of Supreme Court of India -­ Chairperson