Referred to Larger Bench XXXIII: K. Meghachandra, (2020) 5 SCC 689

With greatest respect to Hon’ble Bench [R. Banumathi, A.S. Bopanna & Hrishikesh Roy JJ] which dealt with K. Meghachandra Singh v. Ningam Siro, 2020 5 SCC 689, we find, attention was not invited to binding decisions of Coordinate Bench in M. Subba Reddy v. A.P. State Road Transport Corporation, (2004) 6 SCC 729 and Constitution Bench in Mervyn Coutindo v. Collector of Customs, Bombay, 1966 3 SCR 600. K. Meghachandra requires reconsideration by a Larger Bench.

Hon’ble Justice Abhkay S. Oka, Hariharan v. Harsh Vardhan Singh Rao, [Special Leave Petition (Civil) No. 16161 of 2018].