First Information Report IV

Victim-Appellant, perhaps mercilessly and ruthlessly beaten up by Police Personnel present at premises of Minister-Jitendra Awhad, seeks transfer of investigation to CBI to investigate/re-investigate FIR Nos. 119 of 2020 and 120 of 2020 registered at Vartak Nagar Police Station, Thane. High Court has not committed any error in refusing to transfer investigation to CBI. But, High Court has committed a very serious error in not ordering and/or permitting State Police Agency to further investigate into FIR Nos. 119 of 2020 and 120 of 2020.

A mere filing of Charge Sheet and framing of charges cannot be an impediment in ordering further investigation, if facts so warrant.

Hon’ble Justice M.R. Shah, Anant Thanur Karmuse v. State of Maharashtra, [Criminal Appeal No. 13 of 2023].