First Information Report V

One prominent hurdle is undoubtedly ‘corruption’; ‘greed’ has been overpowering in its impact. Little wonder, outbreak of scams is commonly noticed. Since there exists no magic wand, as in fairy tales, a swish of which could wipe out ‘greed’, Constitutional Courts owe a duty to people to show zero tolerance to ‘corruption’.   

It would be eminently desirable if High Courts maintain a hands-off approach and not quash First Information Reports pertaining to ‘corruption’, specially at stage of investigation, even though certain elements of strong-arm tactics of ruling dispensation might be discernible.

Hon’ble Justice Dipankar Datta, State Of Chhattisgarh v. Aman Kumar Singh, [Special Leave Petition (Criminal) Nos. 1703-1705 of 2022].

Hand with a magic wand