Condonation of Delay VI: 2088, 1405

Beyond which number is it strange if a delay is condoned?’ We have been hunting for the single noble equation. Ponnayal v. Karuppan (Dead), [Civil Appeals No. 9558-9559 of 2018] reflects the Appellant’s journey to the Supreme Court twice . The Appellant, first, appealed against a Judgement of a HC, with a delay of 2088 days. The Appellant, then, appealed against the Judgment of the HC in a Review Application, with a delay of 1405 days.

Hon’ble Justice L. Nageswara Rao has surely dismissed both the Appeals. The dismissal, however, was not on grounds of the delay. The case has, at its crux, issues that raised their head in 1948 – 49 – 50. Of course, the Courts below were neither fast nor furious. It would be irrelevant to note the Appellant’s health or that it chose to argue, without assistance, before the SC. For the purposes of this hunt, it has just been noted by a Master Mathematician, 2088, 1405 are mere numbers too, possibly.

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